Our Licensing team specialise in various areas of licensing law including alcohol, gaming, entertainment and events.  We provide a complete service and having a close relationship with all our local responsible authorities ensures any issues or representations received towards our applications can often be resolved through mediation and working in partnership with said responsible authorities.  This in turn can save you time and money if your application is subsequently granted without the need for a hearing.  Throughout the consultation period of submitted applications we will work together with the authorities with a view to mediating matters through meetings, negotiations or compromise.  Often meetings with residents can alleviate their concerns once it is explained how the business is intending to operate.  If representations are received from the responsible authorities themselves we can look to alter and amend our submitted application with the agreement of additional conditions being imposed on the licence, a reduction in the operating hours, or the addition of more door supervisors for example.


If required we can call on our contacts to provide licensing compliant plans or organise the required training for your staff to become personal licence holders resulting in applications being granted as soon as possible.


It is a legal requirement for anyone wishing to sell alcohol or authorise sales of alcohol in a licensed premises to be the holder of a personal licence.  In order to hold a personal licence you must have successfully sat and passed a relevant accreditation.  We have agents who can provide training courses which not only form part of your personal licence application but can also bring your employees up to date with the policies and procedures they should be following if you already have an existing premises licence?  Are your employees aware of the conditions imposed of your licence?  Do you operate a Challenge 21 / Challenge 25 policy, are they asking the correct customers for sight of their identification?  Do they know how to correctly handle intoxicated patrons?


Our advisors have over 10 years’ experience of dealing with licensing and gaming applications and have a thorough understanding of licensing law, together with how the application processes work.

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